Thriving in Secondary School

Your child starting secondary school will suddenly be starting to feel very real. There will be lots of excitement as you begin the next stage in your child’s education journey – new uniforms, new teachers and new friends.


However, as with all change, there will be worries and anxieties. You know how formative secondary school is in shaping us as adults. You want to make sure your child has the best experience possible. You also feel a little overwhelmed. 


As a teacher, school leader and dad, I want to help you to navigate this change with confidence. I will give you the insider knowledge you need to be a positive, empowered partner in your child’s school experience.


I am running a three-session online course to help parents like you.

Session one will explore the main differences between primary and secondary school including all of the changes which have happened in the last couple of years. You will learn all about:

  • The jargon
  • The professionals you will meet
  • A typical secondary school journey. 


I will also share some top tips from those who work in schools – including subject teachers, receptionists, pastoral leaders, headteachers and ex-students. This is a jam-packed introduction to the world of secondary schools.

Session two will change pace and focus on how to build strong relationships with schools and teachers. As a teacher, I will share what works (and what doesn’t) when dealing with the professionals who work with your child. Some parents are excellent partners – in this session, we will explore why and how.

Session three is all about how to deal with potential issues. This is where we look at some scenarios which may be worrying you and look at the routes and methods available to you  to solve these problems. When you did NCT, you might have made a ‘birth plan’ – we will make something similar.  We will also finish with a general Q&A.

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