Understanding Primary Schools


The dates of the sessions are: Monday 13th November Monday 20th November Monday 4th December The sessions start at 8pm and finish at 9:15pm



As your child approaches primary school age you want to understand more about the primary school system – a lot has changed since you went to school!

All of your parent friends voice strong opinions based on their experiences. Online forums and blogs are full of ‘advice’. Schools proudly display their ‘best bits’.

You care about your child’s education, but you feel out of control. There is very little quality, objective and well-researched information available. 

As a teacher, school leader and dad, I want to help.

I am running a three-session, live (online) course for parents just like you. You may have taken a course to prepare you for the birth of your child, now you can take one to prepare to be a school parent! 

To ensure space for lots of questions and interaction, there are only 10 places available. 


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