Choosing a Secondary School (Evening)


As your child approaches the end of primary, the transition to secondary school can feel daunting. If you want to take control and get informed, I am running a three part course to help you.

The dates and times for this course are as follows

  • Session 1: Tuesday 10th October 18:30-19:45​
  • Session 2: Tuesday 17th October, 18:30-19:45​
  • Session 3: Tuesday 24th October, 18:30-19:45​


This three part, live, online course will empower you to navigate choosing a secondary school for your child with confidence. As an experienced teacher and school leader, I will give you the insider wisdom you need to understand the complex, jargon-filled world of schools. These sessions will take place in a small group environment on Zoom. It will be an opportunity to meet and talk with other parents on the same journey. You will be given all of the tools and resources used in the course.


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