Navigating Options and Exams

At age 13 or 14, your child will have a choice: they will reduce the number of subjects they study and focus on developing the skills and knowledge needed to face exams at the end of Year Eleven. The grades achieved in these exams will act as the key to unlock the next stage in their education journey.

You want the best for your child, but you feel unsure about how this process works and how best to advise and support your child.

I am here to help. I am running a three part course designed to give you the information and support you need to navigate this important phase of school.

Session One: In this session we will de-mystify the jargon as well as providing answers to some of the key questions you might have, such as: What are the different options available (GCSEs, BTECs and others)? What choices does my child really have? What changes have been made to exams in the last ten years (including the new number system)?

Session Two: We will explore how to navigate the tricky options process. We will tackle some misconceptions which exist around which subjects and qualifications are ‘best’, explore how important ‘triple science’ is and look at the pros and cons of different qualification routes.

Session Three: In this session we will jump ahead to consider how best to support children as they navigate the important final two years of schooling. We will explore how to do well in exams whilst also looking after their mental-health and wellbeing

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