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You Deserve Better…

It is easy to feel out of control when it comes to schools. It is not surprising that most parents feel a pressure to ‘follow the crowd’. It is not your fault.

There is not enough information about schools or the education system. It is confusing and full of jargon.

So many changes…

To make matters worse, it has changed a lot since you went to school. We now have lots of different types of schools and approaches as well as a reformed exam system. More choice, but more uncertainty – parents are under huge pressure and education is too important to leave to chance or decisions based on limited information.

School Compass was set up to help…

How can we help?

1:1 Personalised Support

Based on my more than 15 years of experience as a teacher and school leader, I can take you and your family on a personalised learning journey – helping you to navigate the school system at a time which suits you.

These sessions will cover all of my course content and give you all of the resources I have designed, but will be tailored to your context and your needs.

You will have priority access to all of my future courses.

Small-Group Courses

Before you had your child you may have taken ‘NCT’ or ‘Hypono-birthing’ courses… Now there is something similar, but for schools!

Theses are live sessions led by an expert teacher, school-leader and parent with lots of time to ask questions. These courses also include a 1:1 call to discuss any specific issues.

At the end of the course, all resources and tools are shared and you will be invited into our members only community.

Resources and Tools

If you are not ready to join one of our courses you can find lots. of resources, tools and frameworks to help you start your learning journey.

You can join our free community and get access to blogs and resources which help to demystify the school system.

When you are ready, you can join our members-only community and get access to downloadable tools, planners, videos and ebooks as well as access to our education experts!

‘Until I did this course, I had no idea how much I didn’t know about schools! I used to feel like I was on a conveyor belt. I cared about my child’s education, but I didn’t know how to approach and work with schools effectively – now I feel more in control and confident with my decisions’‚Äč



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